Feature Project:

“Mosaic Horse ” Project

• 12x12 chipboard (or very heavy cardstock)
• 12x12 plain vellum
• raffia ribbon / brown string
• horse die cut (sample uses Broderbund Print Shop computer black n white cut out)
• 4x6 pictures and index pictures from development


  1. Choose 6-9 of your favorite 4x6 pictures; crop and layout in a design which covers entire surface of chipboard. Cover with vellum. Hole punch around edges, hand-stitch around border w/raffia, tie bow in final corner. Add raffia at top for wall hanging.
  2. Cut out index pictures, crop and layout in a design which fills in the horse die cut; leave 1/8" margin between photos for attractive mosaic appearance.
  3. I cropped my daughter riding a horse from a 4x6 photo and attached it to the horse die cut to make it look as if she was riding and added some brown string for the rein to add texture and dimension.
  4. Then adhere horse die cut on top of vellum.

Tip: create a mock version of layout w/horse die on top before laying out background pictures to avoid covering over any special smiles.


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