MTF Questions & Answers:

Question: Which MTF Kit do I buy to make the mosaic frame?

Answer: There is only 1 MTF Kit to buy and with it, you can create any design your heart desires. Each MTF Kit contains only the raw materials (wood, metal, magnets, easel) you need, plus instructions and ideas. Paper, stickers and embellishments are not included in your MTF Kit. This allows you the freedom to choose colors and themes that perfectly match your home decor, your style and it gives you the ability to customize and personalize Mag Time Frames as gifts for any one, of any age on any gift-giving occasion.

Tip: You can use a variety of papers to design your Mag Time Frame: Scrapbook papers; wrapping papers; wall paper & wall paper borders; magazine pages; calendars; enlarged photos; hand-stamped papers… the list goes on.

Question: Dear Sandra, What is the best way to adhere my paper selection to the wood and metal in your MTF kit?

Answer: There are three easy ways to adhere paper to the wood and metal when making your Mag Time Frame. 1) Spray Glue 2) Adhesive cartridge & machine 3) My personal favorite - double sided adhesive sheets. Adhesive sheets and tapes are available in most arts/crafts stores.

Question: How did Mag Time Frames get their name?

Answer: When ragtime music was first introduced to the world, it immediately captured the imagination of music lovers and inspired some of the world's greatest composers. In my grand imagination, I want to pay tribute to the pioneers of ragtime music. I see the idea of Mag Time Frames bringing to the craft industry what ragtime brought to the music industry; something new, exciting and fun! From 5 year old children to seasoned professional craft designers, Mag Time Frame Kits offer a new project idea and inspiring empty canvas for unique creative expression.

Question: Dear Sandra, I don't have a creative bone in my body. Can you design a Mag Time Frame for me?

Answer: YES! Call (925) 337-2320 or email to place your custom order today for custom-designed Mag Time Frames in any colors and/or theme you choose. Consultation for home décor and gift design ideas is also available.

Question: May I copy the Mag Time Frame designs I see on your website?

Answer: By all means, YES! offers new design ideas monthly in our email newsletter and on the ideas/announcements page of our website. You can “print page” to capture and replicate a design, or just springboard off our design ideas and create something all your own. coming soon: A New Idea Book and Printable project sheets!

Question: Can you tell me more about MTF’s fundraising activity program?

Answer: Put your oven mits away! It is so much fun to design and “Create-Your-Own” Mag Time Frames for fundraisers! You’ll enjoy a deep discount when you purchase our raw materials in bulk, and once you’ve honed in on your design (& we consult for free); you can make dozens of MTF’s in no time and reward the organization/school/church/club/charity of your choice with fun-earned profits from very delighted customers! Please email for a brochure, application and/or quote. Type “Fundraiser” in the subject line.

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